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... And there's a lot of Dazzler. #mystuff

I think the costume Kalman Andrasofsky created for Dark X-Force Captain Blaire is fantastic; silver arm, buckles, straps, accessories and all. HOWEVER, it being the new ensemb for 616 Ali? Ehhhh. After years of Limbo and Militant Mojo and Leather Tuscadaro and Vajazzler, I just rrrreeeaally need bright and shiny and glam and diva… but after drawing it, I’m getting it. I have to admit, the high stakes and hectic pace of X-Treme X-Men isn’t the ideal setting for fashion > function.

I did the bird-flipping *gulp* 10 years ago for her proposed comeback in Marvel’s Epic Failure Line. Anyone remember that? Anyway, I love the idea of her (literally) flashing the finger with some smirky ‘tude and wanted to revisit it. Once finished, I felt compelled to fill up the black space so I made a couple of goony ads.

… FUCK, I love this woman.

*and then I woke up to find that the book has been canceled as this sat in my queue. The FIRST THING EVER I set up in my queue. Awesome.

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    This is so great and makes the cancellation even sadder. :( So bummed.
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    This is absolutely gorgeous.
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